25 Years of Perl

Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at stommepoes.nl
Wed Nov 21 21:47:12 GMT 2012

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 04:09:32PM +0000, Dave Cross wrote:
> Quoting Simon Dick <simond at irrelevant.org>:
> >On 20 November 2012 15:45, Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> wrote:
> [ snip ]
> >>in that vein you should also mention matt's scripts. evil code but they
> >>helped perl gain massive numbers of users. many were kiddies but some
> >>actually learned perl.
> >
> >Especially FormMail.pl... I remember that one well...
> If anyone is unaware of the London Perl Mongers' reaction to Matt's
> scripts, you should probably read
> http://www.scriptarchive.com/nms.html
> Dave...

Doesn't matter; I see time and time again that people look at the copyright years on the pages. matt's updates automatically, so newbs still ask "well nms is 2006 and matt's is 2012 so it's more updated right?" (see sitepoint forums, where unwary noobs sometimes think is a place to ask Perl questions even though it absolutely isn't...).


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