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Salve J Nilsen at
Mon Nov 26 21:03:21 GMT 2012

Peter Sergeant said:
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 8:12 PM, Salve J Nilsen < at> wrote:
>>  «So you want to write some useful software? Learn from Perl. We in 
>> the Perl community saw what happened when one just focuses "getting 
>> stuff done" without spending any attention on software life-cycle 
>> management. So, what did we learn? Write software that is easy to 
>> understand and fun to read. In fact, try to write software that one 
>> only needs to read once, but that one *wants* to read twice. This 
>> is difficult, but less so with Perl. You need a language that is 
>> flexible and malleable enough so you can express the intention of 
>> your code in the way that is best for your readers. This is where 
>> Perl shines. If you wield the tool well you can make wonderful 
>> things, and if you don't you'll probably end up making crap.»
>> Comments? :)
> I think you could swap in any language name there, and no-one would 
> be any wiser that you started off with "Perl".

Would mentioning TIMTOWTDI address your point? e.g. «... This is where 
Perl shines. We call this flexibility TIMTOWTDI, and it's a core 
philosophy in our language. ...»

Maybe this pitch can be improved in other ways too? (I'm sure if 
someone with a better grasp of the English language than myself would 
spend a little attention, we could get something useful out of it).

- Salve (one of those people)

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