Perl outreach

Kieren Diment diment at
Tue Nov 27 12:16:10 GMT 2012

On 27/11/2012, at 22:41, Guinevere Nell <guinevere.nell at> wrote:

> ... Now, those who love objects (and there are
> quite a few) might argue that Java is fun, Python is fun, and Perl is
> incredibly frustrating, when it comes to designing nice OO projects. Fine,
> true, good. Perl is fun and enjoyable for many things, but perhaps not for
> clean, neat OO.

Except that last month I designed a lovely neat and tidy perl API that was OO all the way through (excepting a couple of places where some functional asides came in very handy) using Moose and Moose roles (in this case for a better abstract base class). 

Of course the primary purpose of the code was to provide at least whole horses worth of glue across 4 or 5 interacting systems in a way that was both reusable and extendable, hence the need for neat and tidy OO. 

I guess that it's breadth is perl's biggest problem and it's biggest strength at the same time. 

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