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Michele Beltrame mb at
Tue Nov 27 14:59:51 GMT 2012


> Yes, LPW was great, but where, outside our fishbowl, is perl showing
> what it can do and how easily it can do it?

I 100% agree.

It's however easy enough to "infiltrate" at more generic conferences and 
show something about Perl. I do it every year at an Open Source Day in 
Italy, which has an attendance mostly made of IT university students 
(300 or so), and it's always a good success: people like what they see, 
and they come and ask me questions.

Sadly I haven't been able to speak this year, because the event was 
scheduled the same day of London Perl Workshop: I was invited though, 
which maybe means that also the organizers liked the Perl talks enough 
to ask for more.

We should maybe look for more of these events and come out with topics 
interesting enough to make the attendees think "oh, that's cool, let me 
have a better look at Perl".


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