Access to throttled API

Fri Nov 30 11:54:57 GMT 2012

So, I might be writing an app to access a throttled API. Say 
we're limited to sixty requests per minute. It's entirely possible
that we generate more requests than that at peak times.

The app is not especially immediacy-sensitive for things like
"reporting". The remote system can take its time generating
reports so for some things, showing "pending" isn't a dead loss,
we can always re-run the request later to get the data.

There should be some form of global throttle manager just keeping
track of our usage. All our user interaction can be logged in the 
database and pulled out and actioned by some form of daemon maybe?
The daemon can even prioritise interactive operations agains the 
longer batchy one and unfilfilled reports.

Thoughts on managing this?

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