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Wed Dec 5 20:12:03 GMT 2012

In case anybody is interested.  Not all these 
dates are in other collections of events.  If 
anybody has additions, please contact me.  Thanks, Wendy

Perl and Perl-related Events
December 2012
2012.12.07~~09  	Quack and Hack Europe			Paris, France
2012.12.04~~07 Sydney				Sydney, Australia
2012.12.18		Perl Birthday 1987				World

January 2013
2013.01.11~~13	Perl Oasis					Orlando, Florida

February 2013
2013.02.02		Bulgarian Perl Workshop			Sofia, Bulgaria
2013.02.02&03	FOSDEM					Brussels, Belgium
2013.02.22~~24	Southern California Linux Expo		Los Angeles, California, USA
2013.02.24&25	Perl Workshop Israel				Israel
2013.02.25~~03.01	ConFoo.Ca Web techno Conference		Montreal, Canada

March 2013
2013.03.13~~15	Deutscher Perl Workshop			Berlin, Germany

April 2013
2013.04.???		Dutch Perl Workshop				Den Haag, Netherlands
2013.04.27&28	Linuxfest Northwest				Bellingham, WA, USA

May 2013
2013.05-02~~04	Linuxwochen Wien				Vienna, Austria
2013.05.04&5	Barcelona Perl Workshop			Barcelona, Spain

June 2013
2013.06.???		YAPC::NA					Austin, Texas, USA
2013.06.???		French Perl Workshop			Nancy, France
2013.06.22~~26	OSCON Open Source Convention 2013	Portland, Oregon, USA
2013.06.24~~27	DWX Developer Week 2013			Nürnberg, Germany

August 2013
2013.08.mid		YAPC::Europe 2012				Kiev, Ukrain

Other events 2013, no date known yet
2013			Swiss Perl Workshop				Switzerland
2013			Nordic Perl Workshop			Copenhagen, Denmark

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