cpan you have to see

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at
Wed Dec 12 19:53:34 GMT 2012

Hi Alex,

I'm sorry that you've had a bad initial experience of CPAN and now of
this mailing list.

On 12 December 2012 17:21, Alexej Magura <perlook at> wrote:
> As for my rt replies, what did you expect I was gonna say: 'Oh, my bad I
> wrote the worst module in the world and you're the king of all; here let me
> just remove it real quick.'?  Think again.

The RT commenter who wrote:

"This isn't python's pypi where everybody is encouraged to upload for
fun whether useful or not. Only upload something if it will be useful
to others."

is entirely wrong.  CPAN flourishes not despite the fact because we
accept all code, regardless of quality, but *because* of it.

Though it looks like your CPAN code has a few rough edges, many of
them can be resolved quite straight-forwardly, and I see you've
already had some helpful advice on how to do that from Edmund, Gareth
et al.


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