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pierre masci piemas25 at
Sun Dec 30 21:59:26 GMT 2012

Hello Tom, i'd be really happy to have one or several or all of them.
I am a Perl "advanced beginner". I've been a frenetic beginner for 15
months, learning as much as i can, my "passion" being to try and code
as cleanly as i can. I like the code to read like a book. Well, a very
specialized kind of book i guess - Science Fiction? That's why i like
Perl : you can choose how it is best to write for different purposes
and in different contexts, and even make the language evolve!

I tried to read those online and couldn't access them. I even
registered a few months ago. Er... a bit too late.

I came to a few technical events, but didn't socialize much,
unless for asking technical questions.

Well, if i get some magazines i'll be happy. Otherwise i'll have spent
a bit of time explaining why i like Perl ;-)
Which reminds me of a presentation at LPW, where the speaker was
saying that we miss newcomers-oriented content, like testimonies. I
have no idea where to send a testimony too, though.

Happy new year :o)
Pierre aka mascip

On 30 December 2012 21:27, Tom Hukins <tom at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just tidied up several issues of "The Perl Review" that need a
> new home.  See for details.  I don't want
> any money for them - they'll find their way to my recycling bin if
> nobody wants them.
> I have volume 1 issues 1-3, volume 2 issues 0-1, volume 3 issues 2-3,
> volume 4 issues 0-3 and volume 5 issues 0-2.
> If you'd like any or all of these, please mail me off-list.  I can
> bring them to any meeting.
> Tom

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