Device for reading perldoc

Tom Hukins tom at
Sun Jan 6 10:52:44 GMT 2013

On Sat, Jan 05, 2013 at 06:04:39PM +0000, gvim wrote:
> I realised after posting that Perl is ideal for converting between
> formats so generating PDF from Pod should be no problem. However, I
> suppose I'm really looking for something which will also give me a
> command line + Perl + bash. Ah well, guess it's a bit early for
> that. Maybe when Ubuntu mobile hits the tablets?

I find it difficult to understand what you want.  Here's my best guess
so far:

You want a device that you can view PDFs on.  You want that device to
run Perl and bash.  You want to generate PDFs from POD on that device.

Many devices offer that, as I suspect you know, including the Linux
box I'm sat in front of now.  When you use the word "device" I think
you specifically mean some sort of modern mobile thing like a tablet.
You probably have certain other requirements that you haven't told us

Before you post to this list, please take the time to describe what
you want carefully to help us understand your question.

In this case, if you can explain what you mean by "device" I reckon
we're very close to having enough information to help you.  Also,
tell us anything else important that you haven't mentioned yet.


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