PHP "community"

Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Jan 17 11:04:00 GMT 2013

On 16 Jan 2013, at 16:25, Daniel de Oliveira Mantovani <daniel.oliveira.mantovani at> wrote:
> When you are dealing with dumb people like PHP dev's you can write
> whatever you want and do money, is like church.

This sentence no sense. You appear to be attacking PHP developers.

Sturgeon's Law applies to PHP and Perl developers alike. The only reason you're seeing a lot of terrible PHP in the wild because it's a wildly popular language with a low barrier to entry.

I have seen many horrific things done in Perl by people who thought they were smarter than they actually were. (See Dunning-Kruger effect.) In the specific example I have in mind, the code would have been a whole lot less broken if it was written in PHP instead because the more restrictive language wouldn't have encouraged the author to try something quite so silly. It would have also performed better.

This is why Java is popular amongst people herding middling developers. It won't let the buggers create a mixin of java.arms.Bullet and java.legs.Foot :)

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