Etiquette [was: Re: Updating lots of database fields in a single row]

Gordon Banner tech at
Wed Jan 23 12:32:13 GMT 2013

> Be nice as this list has more to offer than silly pounding on people that release things onto the CPAN or send unclear emails.

> A person asks a question. We give an answer. We can only say so much. 
> A person can only take on board so much. So we have to make that 
> answer as good as possible in the limited scope available.

I'm proposing Gordon's law, somewhat akin to Godwin's:

As a discussion in the list grows longer, the probability of 
it turning into a meta-discussion of what is (not) an acceptable posting 
approaches 1.

It's great that we're all so keen not to put off newbies, not to allow 
time-wasting, etc, but my word is this list self-conscious!


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