We get a dev-room at Fosdem after all. Emergency Call for Papers!

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Sun Jan 27 19:32:06 GMT 2013

On 26/01/2013 12:41, Salve J Nilsen wrote:
> Duncan Garland said:
>> Isn't this something TPF should get behind?
> Please, when asking about wether @organization can do something, be so 
> kind to consider
>  @organization == @people_who_already_volunteer_a_lot;
>  # (apologies for the bad code)
> If you appreciate having a lively community of and for Perl amateurs 
> and professionals, please consider helping the effort a little. 
> Especially if you haven't already. Even small contributions of time 
> make a big difference.
> - Salve (Oslo.pm volunteer going to FOSDEM, intending to help)
Hi all,

It is something tpf should get behind.

No we aren't able to do much this year I have been speaking about this 
and will continue to do so with those people who control budgets, but I 
do appreciate all the comments and the support that I get from the 
community. Especially people such as Wendy, Leo and Duncan all who put 
in lots of their time and effort, it doesn't go unnoticed.

I am hoping to get an increased marketing budget this year and wil then 
set aside some funds for FOSDEM 2014, as always i wil rely on the 
magnificent job Liz and Wendy are doing to make this year ace.

So, we have 12 months, and obviously interested parties, and FOSDEM is 
shouting outside the echo chamber.

Tell me some ideas that you have for what we should do for next year. 
Let's band together and make the effort since we all feel the importance.

Thanks in advance


* I apologise for next weighing in earlier, my wife has been in hospital 
for the last 5 days as she has pneumonia so i have been mostly ignoring 
emails. Tonight is the first night i have spare time as her parents have 
gone to visit and the kids went straight to bed.

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