Fosdem Perl-devroom AW1.126, Saturday, Feb 2nd, 11:00-19:00; Success! 14 speakers!

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Mon Jan 28 09:28:58 GMT 2013

Well done!

On 27 January 2013 20:48, Wendy G.A. van Dijk < at> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Fosdem.   We made it.  We've got 14 speakers
> with 14 talks, one for each speaker.  We even have 4 lightning talks.  The
> schedule is craamed with Perly goodness, even without a lunchbreaks and
> with short 5-minutes breaks.  We even have 3 speakers on standby who do not
> fit into the schedule, and 7 of the speakers proposed a second or sometimes
> a third talk, and they are on standby too.  We could have filled a second
> day with ease.
> So, everybody is more than welcome in our very own devroom at the Fosdem
> in Brussels on Saturday, February 2nd.  Room AW1.126, starting at 11:00 to
> 19:00.  This night or tomorrow morning the schedule will be online:
> At 11:00 we start with Curtis "Ovid" Poe, who will talk about Inheritance
> vs. Roles Other well-known names are Corion, Countzero, Maddingue, Carl
> Masak, ribasushi, Mark Overmeer, DuckDuckGo-Getty, inbetween some
> (relatively) unknown
> outsiders and we end with Liz Mattijsen who will talk about Perl's
> Diaspora.  End of course come lightning talks.
> On Saturday and Sunday, 2nd and 3rd February, we will have a Perl-booth in
> Building K, level 2, stand number 3.  At the booth you will find the
> largest library of Perl-books, the big Perl camel, goodies, brochures,
> tuits, and who knows what more.  Guest of honor at the booth will be:
> Curtis "Ovid" Poe.  He will present (and sign!) his brand new book
> "Beginning Perl", of which we will have a decent pile.
> People who read this and who want to come over to Fosdem and who want to
> contribute something from their company, institutation, organisation, that
> has to do with Perl (or not), please please bring that with you.  Stickers,
> folders, brochutres, books, buttons, t-shirts, pens, dolls, stuffed
> animals, and more, all is welcome and will be used for Perl promotion.
> Friday night is the famous Beer Event (**
> practical/beerevent/ <> ) at
> Delirium.  We know that a group of at least 10 Perl Mongers will come, and
> some will try to come early and conquer our own corner.  Pay for your own
> drinks...
> Saturday night we want to have dinner with a large group of people.  We
> don;t know yet where that will be, ask at the booth.  We think it is a nice
> accomplishment that we got a devroom filled within 4 days.  Even within the
> deadline, so we will be printed nicely with our schedule in the booklet
> that Fosdem prints.  And at first we did not even get a room, haha!!
> Many thanks to all who have talked, thought, chatted, mailed with us, who
> proposed a talk, who helped spread the call for talks.  Excellent
> cooperation!
> Hope to see you Friday, Saturday, Sunday, in Brussels, Belgium.
> Kind regards,
> Wendy van Dijk
> Where? Free University Brussels, Campus Solbosh:

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