More advice about becoming a freelance Perl programmer

AJ Dhaliwal adhaliwal34 at
Wed Mar 6 16:34:30 GMT 2013


Thanks to Peter Corlett for your reply to my earlier message. I am 
starting a new message because my previous message was a reply to an 
existing thread and that has messed up the threads on my mail system.

As advised by Peter I have not attached my documents but made my CV and 
portfolio available to those who want them here:

I have spent the last 2 years working on LAMPP. Linux, Apache, MySQL, 
PHP and Perl. By Linux I mean Ubuntu. By PHP I mean Drupal 7.

The last 2 years have been a change in direction for me as I was working 
on .NET and Microsoft systems for 3 years prior.

I have used Perl a great deal over the last 2 years for scripting, 
database work, building a time management site and an IT survey site. I 
enjoy using Perl and would like to use more of it for work.

I hope someone can kindly help me with these questions
1) How can I go about finding work?
2) What should I charge per hour?

I think the best option for me might be to freelance for an established 
company or individual but I don't know where to start finding these people.

Thank you for your time
AJ Dhaliwal

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