More advice about becoming a freelance Perl programmer

Greg McCarroll greg at
Thu Mar 7 13:49:41 GMT 2013

On 7 Mar 2013, at 13:33, Richard Huxton wrote:
> On 07/03/13 13:05, David Cantrell wrote:
>> With proper employees it's a bit different - you expect them to  
>> stay for
>> longer, so can allow time for getting up to speed with the tools.  Of
>> course, this doesn't apply if you're the sort of idiot who hires a
>> contractor for months or years on end, making them effectively a  
>> proper
>> employee but more expensive.
> The Perl Ministry of Administration would like to clarify that where  
> David said "idiot" he meant of course "valued enterprise client" ;-)

Also there might be some balance sheet shenanigans going on around  
themes such as capex and potential future liabilities.

Fortunately current and previous governments are committed to  
investing heavily into bodies to track this down, and the tax payer  
will be spared the burden due to the altruistic nature of companies  
that form PPIs.


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