Dim Sum, Canary Wharf, Thursday 14th March 1pm

James Laver james.laver at
Tue Mar 12 14:19:35 GMT 2013

It's been a bloody long while since I summed dims, dimmed sums or ate delicious dumplings. Given that I spend far too much of my time around Canary Wharf, I miss most of the list-organised ones. Accordingly, it's time I stopped being lazy and organised one.

We did this one a very long time ago and I seem to recall we had a little difficulty getting seated, so if you know in advance you want to attend, please email off list; the fewer ransomers we have on the day, the higher our chances.

Royal China,
30 Westferry Circus,
E14 8RR

1PM. Be there or be hungry :)


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