New perl features?

Greg McCarroll greg at
Fri Mar 15 14:49:47 GMT 2013

On 15 Mar 2013, at 13:29, James Laver wrote:

> On 15 Mar 2013, at 13:04, DAVID HODGKINSON <davehodg at> wrote:
>> So, no then. In the sense of having a single page of good examples of
>> using the new features.
> With so many orgs stuck on ancient perls, it may not be a full  
> solution. Sure it may attract newbies but if they get a job with an  
> ancient perl they're going to be disappointed they can't use all  
> that shiny.

IMHO, the best marketing materials you could create would be a list of  
what the lead developers of a module are using. Having a note that  
5.14 supports feature Foo will never persuade as many organisations as  
having Tim Bunce saying he works daily with the 5.14 stack in his day  
job and DBI development (or a similar statement).

Just my 2c,


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