Ungooglable interview questions

AJ Dhaliwal adhaliwal34 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 03:42:18 GMT 2013

On 17/03/13 09:54, Sam Kington wrote:
>> At $WORK we ask new hires, over IRC (because everyone potentially works remotely), a variant of chromatic's http://modernperlbooks.com/mt/2011/01/how-to-identify-a-good-perl-programmer.html
>> So far, when we've put people through the test (some people have been omitted because they obviously had a clue), nobody has managed to identify * as a sigil.
>> I'm slightly concerned that the specific questions are susceptible to being googled. Does anyone have any good examples of non-googlable interview questions that could be answered (or not) over IRC or a similar medium? The usual standby, asking people to write code during their interview, obviously doesn't work when someone can google, cut and paste.
>> Sam
You could ask your questions over Google docs or some similar system 
that shows you real time what the interviewee is typing. If you suddenly 
see 100 lines of code appear you are either dealing with the world's 
fastest typer or a copy-and-paster.

Skype also has a share screen function. Good when you have both have a 
good internet connection.


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