Pumpkin and Siesta

kosmikm0nga@hushmail.com kosmikm0nga at hushmail.com
Mon Mar 18 19:33:40 GMT 2013

While viewing the london.pm websight I saw mail list manager is written in pirate language "python" which is the rightful intellectual property of the python.co.uk hosting company.

For the marketing of community and raising of the profile of Newerish Perl in the community if we should port it to a more modern version of it and one which respects software patents?

I don't mean python 3 LOL!

Or the outdated Pumpkin 5 but Rakudo 6 to port to Siesta (a feature complete, widely used and stable mailing list system)!  


We need discussions about which version control system to use for it (RCS over NFS?) and quoting style for the mailing list itself (top posting, supercite quoting and HTML only).  I done a new logo in Xpaint already.  We should host on Oracle Unbreakable Linux.  This Oracle/Siesta/Rakudo software stack should prove fast and reliable enough for our mailing list requirements.

I also propose renaming pumpkin to "I can't believe it's not Perl!"

Free NLP and kick boxing training for all comitters! 

Luzer Cop

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