Raising Perl awareness on Tiobe + Wikipedia, etc.

Richard Foley richard.foley at rfi.net
Wed Mar 20 12:44:11 GMT 2013

Speaking for myself, I'm not actually "in favour" of the rename, I just happen
to think it is a proposal which has some very serious merit, with regard to
promoting the Perl programming language in the wider world.

I know what Perl is and I don't need any such change. In fact I quite like to
see an unambiguous page on Wikipedia which says quite simply "Perl". It's very
flattering for me to be using this highly unambiguous and instantly
recognizable language. Larry made a great choice for name, and a great choice
for style (which is why we all like the language so much). I don't think the
proposal is actually because people are confused by the name in any way, shape
or form.  Nobody is proposing changing the interpreter name to something like:
perl_the_programming_language. We're talking about a web page title/name.

For Perl to remain in the top half of the game, we need to promote it, we need
to engage PR thinking to push the name into the minds of the people who make
corporate decisions as to which language to use to fix what problems. I am a
Perl advocate, but saying "I like Perl and I know that I like Perl and everyone
I know knows that I like Perl" just doesn't make any difference, out there.

The proposed Wikipedia name change is (if I understand it correctly) simply
designed to promote Perl to a wider audience, both now and in the future.

'nuff said.


Richard Foley


On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 12:18:35PM +0000, Smylers wrote:
> It honestly didn't occur to me a Perl advocate would be in favour of the rename.)

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