Raising Perl awareness on Tiobe + Wikipedia, etc.

AJ Dhaliwal adhaliwal34 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 05:00:04 GMT 2013

On 20/03/13 19:13, Richard Foley wrote:
> I think perhaps you meant "JUST a scripting language", with the implied
> aloofness intact ;-)
AFAIK JS was first created to manipulate the HTML DOM. Then Microsoft 
invented AJAX and that is what really pushed JS into the limelight. So 
JS had a very limited defined role as scripting language in its 
beginning. Maybe "JUST a scripting language" is not too far off a 

Perl on the other hand was born with UNIX and "had a sordid past" tied 
to the guts of this system. Its role was relatively much wider than JS. 
And its potential.

On a more important note I have ascertained that David Cantrell is 
REALLY the top google result for "topless karaoke murders".

I just remembered that Mozilla uses JS for their chrome so I may have 
just invalidated my first sentence. It will take too much trouble to 
change it so better just leave it there.

On yet another note...Its interesting that languages have to marketed 
like other products.

Quoting Steve Yegge 

"The problem with Java is that people are blinded by the marketing hype. 
That's the problem with C++, with Perl, with any language that's 
popular, and it's a serious one, because languages can't become popular 
/without/ hype. So if the language designer suggests innocently that the 
language might not have been designed perfectly, it's time to shoot the 
language designer full of horse tranquilizers and shut down the conference.

Languages need hype to survive; I just wish people didn't have to be 
/blinded/ by it."

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