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Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Thu Mar 21 15:04:53 GMT 2013

On 21 Mar 2013, at 14:46, David Dorward wrote:

> For a moment I thought that was a Palladium game and nearly took more SAN damage, but it appears to be a WEG d6er so phew.

GM: You take unknown points of SAN damage.
DD: You can't do that.
GM: Maybe i didn't?
DD: I go speak to a psychologist to check if I'm still sane?
GM: You think you do, maybe you did maybe you didn't. Your psychologist says you are. Ho hum.

I've just realised Games Master and my initials are the same ;-)

Spengler: Let's cross the streams
DD: I thought you said that as a bad idea Spengler.
GM: Who are you talking too? There is just an IBM consultant looking at the SAN FS configuration in the room.


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