API wrapper best practices?

Ashley Hindmarsh ash+perl at best-scarper.co.uk
Sun Mar 24 13:13:54 GMT 2013

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> On 03/23/2013 08:50 PM, DAVID HODGKINSON wrote:
> > Are there any tutorial type docs for Moose Meta the way you used it or
> > which man page should I be able to work it out from?
> Perhaps a course...
> http://perlschool.co.uk/courses/object-oriented-programming-with-perl-and-moose/
> :-)
> Dave...

Actually I was about to point at something Moose-y that exercises a public
API, such as DC's Net::Songkick.

I was playing with this last year, and it's nice, but you always feel that
you shouldn't need to roll your own classes.

I guess the holy grail is something that takes the API schema and builds
the classes on-the-fly, and is closer to what Dave Hodg is after.


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