API wrapper best practices?

Mark Overmeer mark at overmeer.net
Tue Mar 26 15:52:43 GMT 2013

* Ashley Hindmarsh (ash at best-scarper.co.uk) [130326 15:24]:
> On 26 March 2013 13:14, Mark Overmeer <mark at overmeer.net> wrote:
> > * Ashley Hindmarsh (ash+perl at best-scarper.co.uk) [130326 12:26]:
> > > I was using SOAP::WSDL as it reached v2.0 (ca. 2007).
> >
> > Martin Kutter (maintainer of SOAP::Lite and SOAP::WSDL) told me that,
> > in his opinion, the modules were on their end: SOAP message are often
> > too complex nowadays.  He does fix bugs, now and then.
> Thanks Mark. I was patching some bugs for Martin back then.  SOAP interop
> is hell.

SOAP itself is a poor interface, but most of the hell is SOAP::Lite.
I am only aware of one usage problem at the moment: Sharepoint servers
report internal errors in a erroneous fault structure ;-)  Some common
schema bugs have simple work-arounds.

Schema's are much harder than most programmers expect.  That's why
XML::Compile does the client-side validation.  It is very hard to use
SOAP::Lite correctly.

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