PDF creation?

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Sun Apr 21 22:06:44 BST 2013

Dave Cross writes:

> On 04/21/2013 12:43 PM, Mark Fowler wrote:
> > ... creating PDFs from Perl ...
> ... when I want to do that I create an HTML document and convert it to
> a PDF

Me too. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, this may be less painful
than learning something else.

I'm currently using WeasyPrint and am happy with it (though it does
involve invoking weasyprint as an external command).

WeasyPrint has its own rendering engine specifically designed for this
sort of thing, and supports CSS features such as @page rules for headers
and footers which aren't widely supported by mainstream web browsers. It
is actively maintained, and the developers are responsive to bug
reports, fixing them and issuing new releases promptly:

I haven't tried PDF::WebKit (or wkhtmltopdf), so do not know if
WeasyPrint has any advantages or disadvantages over that.


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