Quarantining crap HTML?

Joel Bernstein joel at fysh.org
Tue May 21 12:45:54 BST 2013

OK, so assuming (you didn't mention but it's sort of implied if you squint
a bit) you mean you're inserting it into another HTML page, I wonder:

a) in what way is it crappy?
b) how are you inserting it?
c) what are you trying to avoid? dodgy formatting? broken formatting?
malicious code execution? ...?

This question as it stands is too vague to be answered. But if you give
sufficient info we can give it a go.


On 21 May 2013 13:31, Dave Hodgkinson <daveh at hodgkinson.org> wrote:

> In keeping with the spirit of the list, this isn't directly a perl question
> but it might be part of the solution.
> I'm picking up HTML from another site, and that HTML is pretty crappy.
> Is there any way of quarantining it so it doesn't bugger up the rest of the
> page?

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