npm, PyPi overtake CPAN

David Cantrell david at
Fri May 24 13:47:04 BST 2013

On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:18:51AM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> Mirrors matter. (Well, mirrors are important, but that doesn't have the
> alliteration) because
> 1) in an online environment, just a URL to a master site is a single point of
>    failure. Start to chain enough dependencies, and however reliable they are
>    at building and testing, it doesn't work if you can't download the code
>    because one server is down
> 2) in a secured environment it is easi*er* to make a mirror and ship it in
> 3) Sometimes I am on a $DHH plane. Or in a tunnel. Or in
>    data-roaming-multiple-limb-loss land. So having a mirror is useful.

4) you can set up funky distorting mirrors, eg cpXXXan or Pinto and can
   easily use the public toolchain for private code.

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