New pet keeping rules in the Netherlands

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Wed Jun 19 21:23:10 BST 2013

* Paul Makepeace (paulm at [130619 20:04]:
> Wow, and I thought Oakland (California) was permissive allowing us, in
> a large (~1M pop.) city, to keep cows and horses. You need an acre
> minimum for a horse, but so long as you can demonstrate adequate
> manure processing capacity, cows are a go.
> Where is this fabulous discussion happening? Is there any urban
> precedent for water buffalo, or camels, in .NL?

Actually, they produced two lists: one "too hard to keep or too dangerous
deceases" and one "no pet, special rules apply".  The camel is on the
second list.  The first has the usual suspects like bears, skunk, dingo,
various foxes, racoon, but also the Elk(!) and wallabies (deceases).

Most "special condition" animals require a lot of space, not to be
helt indoors ;-)

Dutch animal names may be a challenge.  Forbidden:

Proposed, no law (yet)

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