New pet keeping rules in the Netherlands

Wendy G.A. van Dijk at
Thu Jun 20 13:08:09 BST 2013

At 11:36 PM 6/19/2013, Damian Conway wrote:
 >> The discussion is in the Dutch Parliament and it's committees.  Maybe a bit
 >> far out of reach for you....  :-)
 >Not really: I do live in New Holland, after all.

Even though the Dutch parliament is in the province of South-Holland, 
that parliament also contains people from other provinces that are 
not Holland.  Well, some are of North-Holland.  Most are from 
elsewhere, like Gelderland (our largest province, where I am from), 
Limburg (where we live now), Noord-Brabant (where Liz lived for 14 
years), Zeeland (where we really don't want to live) etc.  I am so 
not from Holland and so happy with it...

Wah, New Holland?  In the Dutch parliamant?  :-)


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