OT: Cheapo vps hosting

Martin A. Brooks martin at antibodymx.net
Fri Jun 21 16:43:55 BST 2013


> From: "Ben Tisdall" <ben at tisdall.org.uk>
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> Sent: Friday, 21 June, 2013 1:54:48 PM
> Subject: OT: Cheapo vps hosting
> I'm moving to Germany and would like to maintain a UK IP address
> while
> there, primarily to run a web proxy. I'd like to spend no more than
> 10
> GBP/mo; I don't care too much about uptime and not at all about the
> data on the server, any of this lot set alarm bells ringing?

Happy to recommend both bitfolk and bytemark.  I have VPSs with both of them and get excellent service.

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