Why I give up my talk in YAPC

Daniel de Oliveira Mantovani daniel.oliveira.mantovani at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 16:10:13 BST 2013

I'm part of perl brazilian perl community since 2008 and since it I
help with talks, a lot of articles, documents translation, events etc.

But I can't carry on in a community that some members are dictators
and treat people without respect. And if this kind of people has
channel operator in Perl channels the community in self in responsible
for it.

I didn't come here to "cry" why I get +q in #perl at freenode, just
because a operator "mauke" didn't like my code and I didn't have the
free right to show to newbies.

Because according to him, if I not obey him order I'm not allowed to
talk, I follow Netiquette Guidelines -
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1855.txt all time.

11:10 -!- Irssi: Changed to freenode server irc.freenode.net
11:10 [freenode] -!- mauke [~mauke at p3m/member/mauke]
11:10 [freenode] -!-  ircname  : credens iustitiam
11:10 [freenode] -!-  server   : holmes.freenode.net [London, UK]
11:10 [freenode] -!-           : is using a secure connection
11:10 [freenode] -!-  account  : mauke
11:10 [freenode] -!- End of WHOIS

Thank you, I just don't want waste my time for this kind of situation help.



Daniel Mantovani +5511 8538-9897

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