Which modules do you "allow" yourself to use for production?

Leo Lapworth leo at cuckoo.org
Mon Jul 22 20:42:35 BST 2013

On 22 July 2013 19:45, Pierre M <piemas25 at gmail.com> wrote:
> As i was asking for advice in a previous email, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> "Use the lowest impact perl from the beginning (that probably means
> avoiding Moose, Catapole et al)."
> I understand that this means: "avoid modules with lots of dependencies". Is
> that right? I thought Moose only slowed things down at compile time, am i
> wrong? What is the negative impact of using it for a web-app?

For web apps my rule is don't reinvent the wheel, if someone has done it
before, use it. Also use modules (Moose/Catalyst etc) that make development
easier and more maintainable (n.b. General agreement seems to be that
Catalyst comes into it's own for large scale projects, but Dancer2 is
probably enough for most things).

web apps - startup shouldn't be an issue (use Server::Starter) so memory
is usually your biggest limitation - I consider my time more valuable than
just adding more memory to a box - but it depends on your scale and project(s).

Unsure what are 'good' modules, always start with
then look at the ++'s on metacpan (or ask here).

Good luck


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