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David E. Wheeler david at
Mon Aug 5 10:39:14 BST 2013

On Aug 5, 2013, at 12:23 AM, Peter Corlett <abuse at> wrote:

>> I haven't gone and booked a pub for us yet. I'll be doing that and making an announcement tomorrow. You (all) have until then to make requests, otherwise I'll just pick the next one out of my hat.

Okay, let me know.

> It's probably a bit short notice to arrange that, but maybe the organisers of the last tech meet might be able to rustle something up?

Sorry for the late notice, I should have written sooner. Happy to do it, though, if a venue can be found. I’m especially excited about Sqitch these days, and ready to evangelize at the drop of a hat.

(Sqitch elevator pitch: Think Git, but for database schema change management.)

>> * I could come for a social some other night.
> Two socials in one week, I like the way you think!

I’m a social guy.

>> Unless I give a talk, my wife and 8yo daughter might come along, as well. Anyone got kids she could play with during our visit? (Not many in Arles, where we are spending the summer, and then there is the language issue…)
> Our social venues tend to be grown-ups decompressing after with with surprising quantities of beer. While we're all a well-behaved friendly bunch and we welcome all comers, an 8yo would probably feel somewhat out of place and get bored quickly.

Right, understood. I am looking for other opportunities for Ms 8 to play with someone her own age sometime in the next week, though; email me direct if you have any ideas.

> There is of course the possibility of finding a more family-friendly venue for a non-Thursday social, but I'm not sure where to suggest.

My wife would sooner watch paint dry than spend an evening with geeks without their spouses/partners. :-) So no need for that, I think.



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