You! Yes, you! Are you ready for exciting world of global networking?

Simon Wistow simon at
Mon Aug 5 22:11:25 BST 2013

Hello people who know me from of yore! And also hello people 
who have no idea who I am. Don't worry, I don't hold it against you - 
hell, half the time I have no idea either. 

A little bit of history - many years ago I left the blessed shores of 
Albion, leaving the Seat of the Empire for parts foreign. In that time 
Artur Bergman (also formerly of this parish) and I started a company 
called Fastly which is a Content Delivery Network sort of like Akamai or 
Cloudfront except with these differentiators:

- it can cache dynamic content as well as static assets
- everything is as real time as we can get it: content purges, config 
  changes, log streaming and stats updates
- everything is controllable via the api
- you can do some surprisingly powerful edge scripting

Of course there's plenty more but then I start slipping into Sales Droid 
mode and a thin trickle of blood dribbles out of my right nostril. 

Anyway ... we're doing incredibly well as a company with an increasing 
number of large customers, some of whom we can talk about (Twitter, 
Github, The Guardian ...) and some of whom we can't ([REDACTED], [ALSO 

As such we're growing fast and we need people. And because we have both 
customers and servers around the world we're perfectly willing, nay 
EXCITED, to have remote workers. About 1/3 of our company is remote at 
the moment. 

We have an incredibly varied list of tasks that people do - from low 
level optimisations and kernel & tcp tuning, our distributed messaging 
system, our API and Configuration layers and to front end configuration 
app in Javscript.

We're looking for people of all shapes, sizes and skills. We have stuff 
written in C, x86 assembler, Go, Perl, Ruby, Python and Coffeescript. 

Specific jobs we're really looking for at the moment (although lines 
between jobs is quite blurry):

* NetOps - we're building out new datacenters constantly. We need 
people capable of designing, building and maintaining a global network.

* Ops - building out datacenters means we need lots of admins. We are 
proactively lazy and prefer people who can code to achieve maximal 

* Customer Engineers - our system is very powerful, which means 
customers need help getting stuff up and running. We also need to add 
new features based on customer suggestions (everything from mobile 
device detection to automated SSL upload) and provide technical sales 

If any of that sounds interesting to you then email me either at this 
address or $email =~ s/thegestalt\.org/;


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