Fosdem 2013

Salve J Nilsen at
Thu Aug 15 15:43:18 BST 2013

Wendy G.A. van Dijk said:
> At 12:02 AM 8/15/2013, Duncan Garland wrote:
>> Is there going to be a Perl stall or a dev room at the next Fosdem? Duncan
> If it is up to me, yes, there will.  But the organisers of Fosdem did not 
> even yet send out mailings to react to, so we cannot yet apply for a booth 
> or a devroom.  But be assured that we will apply for both.

Devrooms have been announced on the FOSDEM blog:

   "Developer room proposals should be emailed to devrooms at and be as
    detailed as possible. In particular, coordinators should indicate their
    affinity with the topic being proposed and provide a rough idea of the
    content they plan to schedule."

Key dates:

     15 September
         deadline for developer room proposals
     1 October
         deadline for main track proposals
         accepted developer rooms announced

- Salve

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