while in London

Diana Donca diana.donca at evozon.com
Tue Aug 20 17:03:12 BST 2013

I must be tired, I wanted to say August 30th. I'm only here for two weeks. Sorry guys 

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> Hi, 
> I'm Diana Donca, member of cluj.pm. I'm in London till September 
> 30th, but since I'm working Monday to Friday, I think the weekend 
> would be best for hanging out. 
> Look forward to meeting London.pm community. 

Hi Diana, 

Most of us also work Monday-Friday, but we still manage to sneak out 
for a pint or two some evenings :-) 

If you're here until the end of September then there are a couple of 
pre-arranged dates that you might be interested in. 

Our monthly social meeting will be on Thursday 5th September. The 
venue will be announced closer to the date. 

There are also rumours of a technical meeting that might be held on 
19th September. 

It's probably best if you subscribe to our mailing list in order to 
get details of these meetings. 


But, I'm sure we can also arrange at least a couple of other meetings 
if you're going to be around for so long. Is there anywhere in 
particular that you would like to see? 



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