ctypes typecasting in perl

Shantanu Bhadoria shantanu at cpan.org
Mon Sep 9 16:55:06 BST 2013

I have been playing around with talking to some IMU chips i.e gyroscopes,
magnetometers and accelerometers from my raspberryPi and I am facing a
slight problem which might seem trivial to those familiar more with C or XS
code than I. I am trying to read registers off a chip which store data in
int16_t format but since the data is in simple binary code, essentially
when I read the register I get a simple unsigned int value from it. Is
there a function or module in perl which would allow me to convert typecast
something as int16_t?

esentially in python the following gives me int 64256 typecast into c_int16
and returns -1280.
from ctypes import *
print c_int16(64256).value

Is there a equivalent function or module in perl that would do it? My
thanks to whoever can help me solve this problem.

-Shantanu Bhadoria

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