Perl publishing and attracting new developers

gvim gvimrc at
Wed Sep 18 13:14:54 BST 2013

I don't mean to troll. In fact, to quote Stevan Little, "I totally 
asshat Perl" :) but when I saw this today:

... I couldn't help thinking Perl is getting left behind.

A contributing factor seems to be the narrow range of Perl books 
published in recent years despite the Modern Perl renaissance. If you 
look at the number of Ruby/Rails/Sinatra and Python books published in 
the last 5 years compared with Perl the contrast is stark. There are 
stacks of Ruby and Rails books covering very specialised applications. 
Perl books, by contrast, tend to be just general tomes - Perl Best 
Practices, Programming Perl, Modern Perl, Pro Perl etc. We have one 
decent web framework book on Catalyst by Apress, if you discount the 
first effort by Packt, compared with stacks of Rails and Sinatra books.

Take a look at these new, vibrant publishing companies:

Not a single Perl title. Surely Moose, Mojolicious or Dancer would have 
been a candidate?

Something's gone wrong. Is it that publishers are not interested in 
publishing Perl books or that Perl authors aren't writing about 
interesting and specific applications of Perl?


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