Perl publishing and attracting new developers

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On Wed, 18 Sep 2013 13:14:54 +0100
gvim <gvimrc at> wrote:

> Something's gone wrong. Is it that publishers are not interested in 
> publishing Perl books or that Perl authors aren't writing about 
> interesting and specific applications of Perl?

Not wishing to troll in reply, but I'd be happy to write a book.

I just have no idea how to do so. The actual putting words on paper
(does anyone use actual paper any more?) I can do, it's all the rest of
it - the finding a publisher, talking to them, etc...

If you actually want more books writing, explain to us (or me at least)
how to get this lot done, hook us up with an actual publishing-type
person, and I'll write you one.

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