Perl publishing and attracting new developers

gvim gvimrc at
Wed Sep 18 16:30:31 BST 2013

On 18/09/2013 16:07, Paul LeoNerd Evans wrote:
> Not wishing to troll in reply, but I'd be happy to write a book.
> I just have no idea how to do so. The actual putting words on paper
> (does anyone use actual paper any more?) I can do, it's all the rest of
> it - the finding a publisher, talking to them, etc...
> If you actually want more books writing, explain to us (or me at least)
> how to get this lot done, hook us up with an actual publishing-type
> person, and I'll write you one.

As I'm not a publisher or writer, nor commissioning a work for purely 
personal consumption, I can only suggest consulting with Ruby and Python 
authors and publishers.


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