Perl publishing and attracting new developers

James Laver james.laver at
Thu Sep 19 10:42:49 BST 2013

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 9:46 AM, Kent Fredric <kentfredric at> wrote:
> On 19 September 2013 19:41, Philippe Bruhat (BooK)
> <philippe.bruhat at>wrote:
>> That book needs a chapter about the secret operators. ;-)
> I disagree, I don't see much value in promoting esoteric ways to use Perl.
> We just need to promote things that are good, and things that are awesome,
> and things that make programming in Perl *better*, things that serve as
> compelling arguments to use a more modern Perl, things that serve to
> inspire people to use more *CPAN*

I'm actually inclined to write such a book. Anyone interested in
coauthoring please message offlist and we can see if there's any
mileage in it.


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