Perl publishing and attracting new developers

Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Sep 19 13:01:57 BST 2013

On 19 Sep 2013, at 12:21, Chris Jack <chris_jack at> wrote:
> - it would be more apparent how little money is sometimes available for the
> effort of writing a book

I don't know the exact figures, but it's roughly a four figure sum for a reasonably successful Perl book. And given that one is having to resort to Kickstarter because no publisher will touch it does not bode well.

To write such a book involves many months of work. In comparison, somebody skilled enough to write said book could also go contracting and make the same amount of money in a few weeks. It's a fair comparison, since writing books is also effectively contracting.

I would very much like such a Kickstarter to be a success, but realistically it is likely to tank.

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