Robot Turtles — Let's Do This

Smylers Smylers at
Mon Sep 23 15:41:23 BST 2013

Bob MacCallum writes:

> Interested at the ~£30 level but can't organise anything right now,
> sorry.

I'm happy to place a group order.

Dinis Rebolo writes:

> I also want one those for my son, would be a good gift for his third
> birthday.

Let's see if we can make this work then.

If you want to participate in a group order of Robot Turtles, please
email (me, or the list) to commit to purchasing:

• Nicholas's numbers look plausible to me (I've verified the exchange
  rate), but you're committing to pay an equal share of the actual
  sterling total. If something unforeseen means the final charge is
  higher, we're all in this together.

• I live in Leeds, so you may also have to pay some UK postage costs for
  me to get your copy to you. I'm happy to hand over Robot Turtles in
  person if we can find a mutually convenient location (we're fairly
  likely to be visiting friends in London, Lancaster, Truro, and
  Edinburgh at some point).

• The order will be for either the 3 or the 10 pack, depending on how
  many others buy in, and the price will reflect that.

• I'll add people to the group in the order I see their emails. If we
  reach 9 copies, I'll place the order for 10. If the Kickstarter
  deadline is near and it doesn't look likely we'll reach 9, I'll order
  a 3-pack for me and the first 2 other committed orders.

• You're committing to transfer me our best estimate of the cost at the
  end of the Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter will charge my card at
  that point, not when the Robot Turtles arrive.

• If you want more than 1 copy, please make that clear in your email.

How's that sound?

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