Robot Turtles — Let's Do This

Smylers Smylers at
Tue Sep 24 15:02:21 BST 2013

Less than an hour ago I wrote:

> We now have a group wanting 10 copies, so I've just placed our Robot
> Turtles order.
> Anybody else wanting a copy, there may still be enough interest to
> form another group among yourselves: our 10 filled up in less than a
> day (and much of that time was overnight), and I've had to turn down 3
> more people who expressed interest today since then.

I now know of 5 people who missed out from our group of 10, so forming a
second co-operative does sound like it would be viable.

All it takes is for somebody to say “Hey, I'll place the order for us
all”. Go on, one of you — it isn't that hard!

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