Perl Doom and Gloom

Th. J. van Hoesel th.j.v.hoesel at
Thu Sep 26 12:51:26 BST 2013

Op 26 sep. 2013, om 13:37 heeft Kieren Diment het volgende geschreven:

> I've noticed a couple of threads in here recently about how perl's situation is all doom and gloom.  Just so you know, I've noticed a handful of new, very non-trivial perl projects to produce important infrastructure of international importance over the last few months.

Oh... I am really all ears now !!

Trying to convince the University of Amsterdam that their students should know (about) Perl. Just in the process of organising the next PerlWorkshop in the Netherlands. There is enough debate on why one should or should not use Perl, but interesting examples of where we apply the 'duct-tape' brings it all more close to home.

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