Could use some hotel/travel help

Smylers Smylers at
Thu Sep 26 14:50:53 BST 2013

Alan Mosca writes:

> You're not using the 'name your own price' tool are you?

Ah, I clearly hadn't spotted that in the interface, nor realized that's
what you meant by your “one word”.

> Try that.

Ah, yes. That will give a 4-star hotel for $125 a night (what a bid of
$100 became once mysterious taxes and fees were added on).

> You can narrow it by area, star level and bid your own price.

True, though the areas are fairly large (12 areas cover all of London),
and you don't know at the time of booking which hotel you're getting —
which means you can't do things like check they can provide a cot before
paying and committing, let alone see how far they are from the nearest
Tube station (or which line they're on), look for guest reviews, and so

We wouldn't've risked that for our trip, but I can see it being useful
for some.

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