One More (Possibly Unusual) Info Request

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Wed Nov 6 08:47:11 GMT 2013

First off, thanks to everyone who helped out with sight-seeing 
suggestions. This visit to London has been much more enlightening (and 
exhausting) than my previous trips. Bletchley and the Wallace Collection 
in particular have been highlights.

I'm setting out for the Soane Museum shortly, and plan on spending the 
rest of the day doing some odd shopping rather than more museums (I'm 
just about at the saturation point, culture-wise). There's a 
highly-regarded classical music store near Oxford Circus stop that I'm 
dying to check out, amongst other things.

But here's the (possibly unusual) request part: I've been studying 
Russian for a bit, and would like to find and visit an area with a 
preponderance of Russian businesses. Not to practice, goodness no, I'm 
still very weak at it. Rather, I wanted to snap some photos and possibly 
find a semi-Russian-themed souvenir for my Russian teacher. For lack of 
a better example, a neighborhood like the one depicted in "Eastern 
Promises", where I would see a lot of Cyrillic on the storefronts, and I 
might find the local Russian-language newspapers.

I have a single lead, to a store called "USSR" (because, apparently, 
creativity in naming is less important over here?) in Hounslow, near the 
Hounslow Central station. If all else fails, I can go there. But I don't 
know if there's a full-on neighborhood of Russian businesses there, or 
just the one.

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