Perl Website Survey

Andrew Solomon andrew at
Fri Nov 22 00:42:24 GMT 2013

Hello London Perl Mongers

For the third year running I'll be giving the Dancer class at LPW

This year it'll be 4 hours working with Dancer2 where the students
will (hopefully) implement one of these:

(and if not, they will at least have grokked my sense of humour.)

More seriously though, one thing I haven't been able to tell them is
the extent to which learning a modern Perl web framework will position
them to find a job. I know Perl is still the duct tape holding
together the Internet, but to what extent is it used for
implementing websites these days?

If you could fill this in:

with Perl sites you know of, I'll publish the results.
(Fill it in multiple times if necessary, once for each company)

Thanks for your help!


p.s I plan to send this to sanfrancisco-pm at, sydney-pm at
and the LinkedIn Perl group. Please forward this on to any relevant
lists/groups I've missed.

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