Volunteers Wanted to Organise Future Social Meetings

Tom Hukins tom at eborcom.com
Fri Nov 22 12:02:32 GMT 2013

For some time, London.pm has had a series of pub minions who organise
our social meetings.  Every month, our pub minion chooses a suitable
pub, reserves some space for us there and announces the meeting.

I discussed this with Peter Corlett, our current pub minion, a while
ago and suggested that we try something different:  rather than one
person arranging our social meetings every month, as of January let's
give someone different the chance every month.

So, I'm looking for volunteers.  If you'd like to organise a future
meeting please contact me off-list.  I'm happy to help if you'd like
to arrange a meeting but aren't sure what you need to do.

Ideally, we will meet in a variety of pubs, in different parts of
central(ish) London and announce our meetings and their location
plenty of time in advance.

More immediately, Mark Keating is still looking for someone in London
to organise a pub on the Friday night (29th November) before this
year's London Perl Workshop.  If you'd like to do that, please contact
me or him off-list.

Finally, I want to thank Peter for choosing an interesting variety of
good pubs for us to meet in.  I encourage those of you who enjoyed
them to repay his generosity by helping organise future meetings.

See you all soon,

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