Minification and concatenation of CSS and Javascript (with Plack?)

Pierre M piemas25 at
Sat Nov 23 23:47:02 GMT 2013

> does the exemple in the docs, or t/basic.t in the distribution not point
you in the right direction?  Is there something missing from the docs that
is causing you pain?
Haha! I'm remembering now what I thought last week: my files are not all in
the same folder, so I have to list them all first. I had tried <**/*.css>
and the wildcard didn't work; I left that in the code last week, and this
week assumed it did work. Sorry for a question whose answer I had.

Plack::App::MCCS <> seems good.
How to you use it with a Dancer2 app? (what is $app in the case of a
Dancer2 app?)

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